Current research

Posted: October 17, 2007 in iteration, Pedagogy, writing

Currently, I am working on a paper about Iterative Pedagogy, a combination of the user-centered Iterative Development model and the Process Theory model. As such, most of my research follows those two areas.

I am rehashing several works by Elbow, Horvath, Lauer, and Sommers including “A Method For Teaching Writing,” “Components of Written Response…” and “Responding to Student Writing.”

I am also working on a very interesting article about Open Source and Academia by Taylor & Riley.

Also on my plate are articles about Teaching Doctoral Students (Caffarelle & Darnett), Technologizing Pedagogy (Peters) , and how things have changed for teaching and composition given new technologies (Taras, Weinstock, Dreyfus etc).

Further, in an effort to give myself better grounding, I’m plugging through Ong’s “Orality and Literacy,” Crowley’s “Methodical Memory,” and Norman’s “The Psychology of Everyday Things.”

In the meantime, I’ve been having some thoughts about iterative pedagogy. My main thought is this: Could it work with a form of contract grading? That is, if I let my students choose what grade they wanted, and then made them rewrite papers until they received at least that grade (but no further), would that teach them the iterative method as it can apply to paper writing?

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