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Hypertextualized futurism

Posted: March 31, 2008 in Futurism, Pedagogy, writing

The other day I was reading a book about computers and writing (Stuart Selber’s Multiliteracies for a Digital Age) and got to thinking about hypertext. This led me back to my own post about screen readers and a thought about text books. I’ve helped to write one text book so far, and it seems likely that I will be doing so again in the not too distant future. When writing this first one, price was a major concern. Books cost too much, especially considering that many students never even open them, or that some classes require as many as 10 books.

When I was still an undergrad, I remember paying about $200-300 every semester for books. Of course, I was a philosophy major, so very few of my books were text books (and I had a 10% employee discount from my father). It was not unusual for my friends to pay as much as $400-500 every semester. This is why screen readers made me think of saving money for students. But I think I’ve come up with another way. (more…)

The clock ticks

Posted: March 31, 2008 in meta, Pedagogy, Usability

About a week ago, my adviser asked me if I had started packing yet (I’m moving to another school for a PhD program next year). I responded “Not physically.” He laughed. I hadn’t meant it as a joke. At the time, I thought I meant just that while I had started planning how to pack things up (like my office), I hadn’t actually started yet.

Looking back, though, I see that I really did mean what he thought I meant. I’ve started packing up and leaving school. I have one foot out the door. Senioritis, if you prefer. And I really don’t like that. (more…)