Discount Peer Response no more

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Brainstorm, Discount Peer Response, iteration, Publication, School, Usability, writing

In about 10 minutes, I’m going to a meeting to discuss my theory of discount peer response. In a few months, assuming I can still get a plane ticket, I’ll present it at CCCC (which was iffy for a bit, until I found I had departmental funding). Somewhere between now and the beginning of the fall semester, I’m going to try to rewrite my thesis into a solid article, and try to publish it in CCC. I’ve already been advised on three major issues: the tone (less as an experienced teacher, more as an exploring one), the references (need more cutting edge stuff), and the name.

Discount Peer Response does draw a pretty clear parallel with what I based it on. But Discount User Testing is appealing because it covers the one thing about user testing that is most often prohibitive: the cost. DPR isn’t a money thing. So instead, the ‘discount’ almost suggests ‘cheap’ or ‘not as good.’ And that’s not the image I want.

So what do I call it? I’ve got a few ideas:

  • User-friendly peer response
  • Usable peer response
  • Reiterative collaboration
  • Recursive response
  • Peer response 2.0

All of these have merit, I think. They also all draw parallels with something important to the theory (usability, reiteration, recursion, web 2.0).

The goal is to find something ‘buzz worthy.’ A catchy name that will not only draw the attention of readers, but also convince the editors of the journals I try to publish it in that this is a cutting edge kind of thing, a new theory that has actual merit.

Eventually, I want to run some experiments with this method. The best way to do this is to teach two sections of the same class, and use this method in one, traditional peer response in the other. But I’d like to try it in different disciplines, maybe even at different schools. It’s an experiment that would take some serious designing. But first I want to set the theory down in a solid form. And part of that is changing the name.

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