Archive for June 1, 2010

The following several entries are going to be mini reviews of things I’ve read, so that I have references for myself during my exams. Today, I’m looking at two works by Ed Schiappa. I’m not planning to talk about Ed (who is a nice guy), just about his work. Specifically, The “Stronger and Weaker” Logoi Fragment and Toward an Understanding of Sophistic Theories of Rhetoric.

We’ll start with Logoi. For reference, these quotations all come from the book The Major Fragments of Protagorus by Ed Schiappa; the source I’m looking at is actually chapter 6 from that book.


The next work is by Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss. Grounded Theory is a type of research methodology for qualitative research. In this article, they discuss the theory and what it has in common with other types of qualitative research. I’m looking at this because it was suggested that it may have some impact on the way I research. (more…)