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This entry is going to cover two articles. There’s Anonymity versus Commitment: the dangers of education on the Internet by Hubert L. Dreyfus (2002), and Respond Now! E-mail, Acceleration, and a Pedagogy of Patience by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock (2004). So there is at least a common theme: online pedagogy. Which I’m interested in. I included the years because in a field like this, things change really fast, and so I need to remind myself to read these guys on their own terms, not the way the world is  six or eight years later. (more…)

About a year and a half ago, I started working on this whole idea of question asking online. It has led me to what I believe is my larger project, namely online communication. But it started here, and it started with me reading up on the whole idea of Q&A online. Which started with two articles: High Performance Question/Answering and Evaluation in Nautral Language Generation: The Question Generation Task. I’m not sure I’d say these are foundational texts for the field, but they made up my foundation, in that they were the first ones I read. (more…)

Looking at two articles by Whitney Quesenbery: The Five Dimensions of Usability, which is chapter 4 from Content & complexity: information design in technical communication By Michael J. Albers, Beth Mazur. and What does Usability Mean: Looking Beyond ‘Ease of Use.

The Five Dimensions of Usability are that something must be Effective, Efficient, Engaging, Error Tolerant, and Easy to Learn (84-88). So basically, if something fits all of these (inter-related) dimensions, something is very usable. (more…)